Why exercise one side of the brain when you can stimulate both simultaneously? CMA is the pioneer of the Two-hand, Four-finger methodology that has upped the benefits of abacus mental arithmetic to a whole new level. Our multimedia based programme and online learning combine the best of an age-old skill with the advancement of technology. At CMA, we are a different ball game altogether. We are here to Create Great Minds.

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Here's what Parents say about CMA


Mdm Shirley Wong

"I'm glad that I have made the right decision to enrol my daughter in CMA's programme. She has been learning at CMA for almost 2 years. I can see her improvement in many areas. The programme has enhanced her memory power, counting, and mental calculation tremendously. She is very independent and always completes her homework willingly. CMA is a "must" programme for all the kids! It is a platform to prepare my daughter to have a better future! CMA provides a fantastic enrichment programme. The teachers are very patient, caring and dedicated. Thanks for all the great job! Keep it up! Cheers! Mdm Shirley Wong, mother of Tan Hui Ling

Mdm Josephine Shen

"My son, Kevin, has joined CMA since April 2008. I've seen a tremendous improvement in his ability in mathematical calculations (addition/subtraction). His interest in numbers has been enhanced since he joined the Centre (CMA) and only after 6 months, he has progressed from foundation to advanced session. Through the lessons with CMA, where he built his mathematical foundations, it also helped to raise his confidence in his studies. I've also recommended my friends to bring their kids to CMA and they have also indicated an improvement in their children's performance. Thanks to the method of unique teaching technique at CMA and also to the dedication of the teachers in the Centre." Yours sincerely, Mdm Josephine Shen

Mrs Agnes Ting

"I was first introduced to CMA Mental Arithmetic by a close friend in year 2006. I was told of how good the teaching methods and teachers were, however I was skeptical of how effective the methods really were. Seeing no particular advantage, and there being no need at that time, I did not enroll my children for classes. Things took a turn when my eldest daughter entered Primary 1. She struggled with her mathematics for the first few months because she was poor at mental sums. I knew I had to do something to improve her mathematics or things would only get worse. Recalling what I was told About Us, I decided to enroll not only her, but also my 5-year-old daughter for classes. My daughters enjoyed their lessons and they looked forward to attending classes. I could see smiles on their faces and faces of the other children. In barely three months, my older daughter, Allison, escalated in her progress of mental calculation. She could calculate with such speed and accuracy that I've never thought she could achieve. Her results in school improved tremendously. She no longer finds Mathematic a chore, but enjoys the subject and calculates with ease and confidence. I was also very impressed at how my younger daughter, Alyssa, could perform mental calculations at such a young age. My daughters have never been so enthusiastic and zealous in their quest for learning and mathematics. Teaching methods are only part of the reason that CMA has worked well for my children. The teachers played a big role in nurturing them as well. I first met Mr Tay in March 2007 during our introductory session, and was amazed at his zeal and passion in teaching and nurturing the children. Chen Lao Shi and other teachers also made an impression on me with their commitment and love for the children. I strongly believe that it is this loving, caring and passionate team of teachers who have been critical to the success of CMA. Seeing the levels of competence which my 2 elder children have attained with the help of CMA, I look forward to enrolling my 2 younger boys in the coming years. Thank you CMA!" Yours truly, Mrs Agnes Ting

Mr and Mrs Lim

“CMA has helped my children to improve their memory strength and their calculation on mathematics sum. My eldest son, Zhao Jie has improved a lot since he joined CMA in 6 March 2010. He is able to calculate numbers in school without using calculators but by using the skills CMA taught him. Zhao Jie has reached grade 1 in 2 years while my daughter has reached grade 3 in 2 years too. My youngest son has enrolled in 4 April 2011 after seeing the improvement my elder son and daughter had made and I wanted him to experience it too. I am glad to see his great improvement by the help of CMA teachers at Yishun Chong Pang Centre. The three of them like to attend CMA lesson. It is fun.” Sincerely, Mr and Mrs Lim, parents of Lim Zhao Jie (13 years old), Lim Zhi Wei (10 years old) & Lim Zhi Jun (7 years old)

Mr and Mrs Ng

“Being a new parent to Xu Xian, my first child, I have no idea nor any expectation of him but i wanted him to have some pre-primary education. Two years ago, I stumbled on a CMA advertisement that caught my attention, and decided to give it a try. In the beginning, I was skeptical. There were difficulties in learning all the formulas, however my wife and I decided that we should persevere and observe our son’s progress further. To our delight, he began to like ‘numbers’ and enjoyed doing his homework diligently. After 2 years in CMA, his learning ability grew tremendously as he could quickly pick up any learning in a short period of time compared to his peers. Later, I also enrolled my second daughter when she was at an even younger age. We saw unexpected aptitude from her after she started attending CMA. I truly agree that CMA indeed helps in brain development. CMA, U have got the “POWER”. Thank You CMA! .” Sincerely, Mr and Mrs Ng, parents of Ng Xu Xian (9 years old) & Ng Sher Nee (6 years old)

Mr and Mrs Chin

“My child, Vivienne first started CMA lessons when she was 4 years old. Before that, Vivienne had attended abacus class in another education centre for a year but her learning progress was very slow. Then we decided to send her to CMA. Surprisingly, Vivienne learns a lot of things within two months in CMA. She learns the abacus formula when she is just the third month with CMA, followed by multiplication. Just within a few months, she can do 1 digit 10 numbers. We can see her improvement in CMA. I believe that all efforts go to CMA and her teachers. After class, Teacher Soh will spend time to discuss Vivienne’s learning progress with me. The reward card system given by CMA has enhanced the interest of students to learn abacus. Vivienne is one of them. The holiday programme and excursion organized by CMA also allow Vivienne to learn and play in educational activities. She likes to attend abacus class because the lesson is interesting and fun. We also noticed that Vivienne has a great improvement in her piano class after joining CMA. When I asked Vivienne, “How do you like CMA?” and she replied “Fun and Happy, I love CMA”. Thank you for creating a good learning environment for young children. The CMA staff and teachers are friendly and kind. Thank you again for your hard work. We truly appreciate it. ” Sincerely, Mr and Mrs Chin, parents of Vivienne (5 years old)

Mdm Lim Seow Hwee

“Dylan joined CMA in August 2012. I am glad that I did not hesitate any further then and enrolled him in the programme. With CMA’s systematic training programme and learning materials, he is able to do mental calculations fast and accurately. It also builds up his confidence in arithmetic and he has developed a keen interest in Mathematics, He enjoys his lessons and looks forward to attending his weekly classes. His enthusiasm rubs off on his younger brother who has joined CMA recently. We would like to thank the teachers, especially Teacher Jenny, who have guided Dylan patiently and encouraged him whenever he met with difficulties in his work, allowing him to progress to the next level. They have also helped him lay a strong foundation which helped him greatly in his school work. He has also learnt to be more disciplined and focused when that he achieved third prize in both Abacus and Mental Arithmetic. Thank you CMA for giving Dylan an enriching learning experience.” Sincerely, Mdm Lim Seow Hwee, Mother of Dylan Lye Junkai (8 years old)

Mr Bryan and Mdm Evelyn

“My daughter, Joann Teh has been with CMA since March 2011. We got worried as she had problem even in doing simple addition and subtraction. At that time, she already in K2 and will be going to Primary 11 the following year. We chance upon CMA and decided to put her for a trial at CMA. Surprisingly, she enjoyed the trial and we enrolled her there and then. She fully enjoyed her classes at CMA till today. It had actually exceeded the initial goal that we had. We only wanted her to be able to do “+” and “-”. But today, she achieved far more than that!!!! She could do all the 4 operations with ease and ever ready to be our walking calculator!!! We are glad that we have found and decided to give it a try with CMA. Their teachers are all very friendly and helpful. They seem to know all the names of their students. They have made the class lively and enjoyable as I see all the kids coming out from the classes happy and smiling. We would like to take this opportunity to say a very Big Thank you to Teacher Ong and all other teachers who have taught or helped Joann during her time at CMA. As the saying “We need two hands to clap” With Joann’s passion in mental and abacus calculation, and also with the help of your dedicated and patient teachers, she had attained the Dan Level in Mental Arithmetic. We will and have been recommending our friends whose kids have difficulty in calculation to CMA. Once again, we would like to say THANK YOU, CMA!!!!” Sincerely, Mr Bryan and Mdm Evelyn, parents of Joann Teh (8 years old)

Mr and Mrs. Chek

“Both Ze Chan & Yu Hann started their CMA lessons around 4+ years old. They have enjoyed and benefited from their lessons tremendously from the time they started till to date. Ze Chan is now in Primary 2. He has attended CMA lessons for more than 3 years. His favourite subject in school is Math and he has doone well in it thus far.. We think that thhs is largely due to his strong interest in the subject which has been cultivated from attending CMA classes. He always looks forward to his CMA lessons. CMA has taught him to be very focused on his work and as a result, he is usually able to complete his CMA homework and school work as well as other tasks in a short time. Ze Chan has developed good mental skills during his time with CMA. This has enabled him to work fast while yet generally able to achieve accuracy in whatever he does at the same time. He loves to engage in challenges and is constantly seeking out difficult math questions to solve. Yu Hann turns 5 this year. She has attended CMA lessons for about a year. Like her brother, she enjoys her CMA classes and doing her CMA homework. We have seen huge improvements in her calculation abilities ever since she started CMA. From single-digit finger counting, within months, she has progressed to being able to add or subtract mentally sums involving two-digit numbers. While she still has some way to go, we noticed that she has gained confidence in tackling addition and subtraction problems. Further, her concentration has improved since she joined CMA. We think this has helped to enhance her literacy skills where she is able to learn new words easier and faster than before. We strongly believe that Ze Chan and Yu Hann will continue to thrive under CMA, and will recommend CMA to our friends and relatives. We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to their CMA teachers: Teacher Agnes, Teacher Yang and Teacher Apple, for their dedication and patience in coaching our children. Thank you very much, you truly are the best!” Sincerely, Mr and Mrs. Chek, Parent of Chek Ze Chan (10 years old) & Chek Yu Hann (7 years old)

Mr Deepak Kumar and Mdm Anita Kumar

“My son Rohan Singh enrolled for Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Program offered by CMA in Aug 2010. In May 2014, he completed Mental Arithmetic Dan Level and Abacus Grade 4. He received Dan badge, 8 Trophies, 2 medals in M.A and Abacus. He succeeded to receive 2nd/3rd prizes and top 10 ranking in online practice three years in row. The program enormously enhanced his number memorization power and metal calculation skills. He is capable to perform swift Mental / Abacus addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations up to 5 digits. We now seldom use calculator to do most of the calculations at home while Rohan is around, as he now acts as our calculator!!! During the course he got many opportunities to sit for various competitions at center and at the national level. These events further prepared him to compete with a large pool of talents at national level in early stage of his academic career. CMA enabled my son for higher levels in advance and boosted his self-confidence by taking part in major events such as Olympiad. I heartily appreciate Teacher Ong’s productive efforts with Rohan during these many years. Rohan achieved the Dan level only due to her continuous support, guidance to him and timely feedbacks to us. While being friendly and approachable Teacher Ong patiently helped him in clearing his doubts and sometimes ours as well. We would like to thanks Teacher Ong in providing her continuous guidance to Rohan during his full course. In CMA, teachers encourage and inspire students by applying various methods like giving prizes, parties, gift vouchers and inspirational comments. These techniques are very much helpful in improving their performance in class assignments and homework. By seeing my son progress in CMa some of my friends also enrolled their children in CMA.” Sincerely, Mr Deepak Kumar and Mdm Anita Kumar, parents of Rohan Singh (9 years old)