IQ Level: The More You Train, The More You Gain!

When it comes to raising a smart child, the level of a child’s IQ (Intelligence Quotient) is often used as a key measure – the higher the score, the smarter the child is deemed to be.

All along, it was believed that if a child’s IQ score is average or lower, nothing can be done because intelligence is genetic – determined from birth and fixed for life. However, this cannot be any further from the truth.

According to a study conducted in 2008 known as “Improving fluid intelligence with training on working memory” by Jaeggi, Buschkuehl, Jonides, and Perrig – they showed 3 key findings that totally debunks the age-old misconception that intelligence is fixed. This is good news for us parents, as it means that we are no longer powerless when it comes to our child’s intelligence.

As a parent, here are the 3 key findings that you should know if you want to raise a smarter child and help nurture his or her intelligence:

  1. Your child’s intelligence can be improved regardless of his or her starting IQ level.

This means that your child’s IQ level is fluid – it can go up or down. It is possible for IQ test scores to change during various stages of his or her lifetime. With proper training, your child’s intelligence level can be improved significantly.

  1. It is possible to improve intelligence with training on working memory.

You may be wondering how does working memory relate to your child’s intelligence levels. Well, having a good working memory is critical in helping your child to generate successful output, make smarter decisions and also improve his or her learning abilities in school and life.

  1. The training and subsequent gains are dose-dependent, so the more you train, the more you gain.

Akin to the adage “practice makes perfect”, the brain is also a muscle that requires training to become stronger and more agile. The key lies in consistency, where your child’s brain needs to be continuously trained and challenged.

This knowledge opens up more possibilities for you to help your child improve his or her intelligence and one best way to do so is through Abacus Mental Arithmetic training.

Abacus Mental Arithmetic teaches your child how to perform fast mental calculations. This mental activity is proven to improve your child’s working memory which, in turn, leads to higher intelligence. It can be adopted by anyone who has an interest in mental arithmetic; pre-schoolers, teenagers, etc…

CMA’s dual hands 4-fingers methodology for Abacus Mental Arithmetic enriches the communication between the logical (left-brain) and creative (right-brain) minds to process mental calculations, thus ensuring that both hemispheres will be simultaneously stimulated, encouraging holistic brain development to take place.

Besides sharpening of mathematical calculation abilities, CMA’s abacus mental arithmetic training will also help to improve other aspects of intelligence, like:

  • Higher concentration span
  • Improvement in memory
  • Quicker reflexes
  • Improved fine motoring skills
  • Etc…

With consistent mental arithmetic training from CMA, children will gain confidence in their mathematical calculations, their overall intelligence will also gradually improve. They get to enjoy the learning process of their lessons and get a good foundation for success in school and life.

CMA provides abacus mental arithmetic training ranging from pre-schoolers (3 yrs old) to teenagers (13 years old). Learn more about CMA Mental Arithmetic training here.


Published on 7th December 2017