Watch how abacus mental arithmetic can stimulate human potential – your child can achieve the same too.

Meet the students of CMA, Justin and Cherlyn who attended normal schools in Singapore. They enjoy playtime outdoors, and little treats, just like any other child.

Cherlyn is the Singapore Book of Record holder for the fastest addition (3mins 59 secs) of 10 questions of 10 digits 10 numbers at the age of 6. She was selected for the GEP stream when she was in Primary 4.

Justin achieves an aggregate of 297 for his Primary 2 examinations.

Both of them started learning mental arithmetic at a young age. Give them an arithmetic problem to solve, and they will be able to give you the answer… within seconds – without any help or use of any computer or calculator!

These two students are simple ordinary children living ordinary lives, with one common trait: they are trained in CMA’s Dual Hands 4-fingers mental arithmetic methodology.

Try solving this equation as fast as you can: 30 + 24 + 87 + 36 + 10 + 12 + 24 + 98 + 11 + 99.

The reason why most of us will face some difficulty solving this problem is in our minds. We are trying to put mathematical notions into words. The fact that these 2 students are able to do so quickly depends a lot on their mental power (Willpower, focus, discipline, clarity of virtual abacus, etc.…). The virtual beads of the abacus are changing every time they see a new number. The brain will translate the number (left hemisphere) into images (right hemisphere) to perform the calculation. This communication actively stimulates both sides of the brain allowing holistic brain development to take place naturally.

If you find that feat unbelievable, well, that is just the beginning.

Take a closer look at our most recent assembly of more than 700 children across CMA Overseas Franchises – India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand in one place, which marks CMA 10th Abacus Mental Arithmetic International Olympiad 2017.

Watch how swift and precise these children are able to solve mathematical arithmetic calculation that most adults are likely to stumble over:

Most of the participants are below the age of 12. Each child you see in this video is trained in CMA’s Dual Hands 4-fingers mental arithmetic methodology.

CMA Singapore, for the past 6 years, has been inviting students from CMA Overseas Franchises to compete in this once-a-year event.

What is more amazing are the looks of determination shown on the children’s faces. These children demonstrate a high level of focus, discipline and willpower to succeed and excel. While the calculation feat is nothing short of incredible, these children are having fun in a competition that is filled with challenges of becoming a mental arithmetic champion.

Clearly, these positive experiences accumulated by the children through achieving something seemingly impossible gives them the invaluable lesson on how to succeed in life not only in mental calculations.

This is what the human potential is capable of. But more importantly, this is the latent potential in every child.

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Published on 21st July 2017