CEO's Interview

Your background is in engineering and you were a VP of a local bank. What urged you to leave behind a high-flying job to set up CMA Singapore?

Answer: It is the inner calling I suppose. I love children and I feel a strong commitment to help them grow and discover and expand their fullest potential. Working in the bank was about helping the company grow financially but being a trainer you are contributing to the society. It is a great satisfaction! Money is not the main thing. It is the satisfaction.

I started to research into the business in 2002 but only have the full support both financially and from my family in 2005, which was when I decided to move out from banking. Thinking back, the driving factor was still my children. I would like to spend more time to see them grow.

Aside from abacus and mental arithmetic, what do you wish to impart to your students?

Answer: Positive values: never give up, always be positive, and have the right attitude of learning. I want them to have a positive mindset and by supporting them with love and giving.

How would you describe the learning environment at CMA Singapore?

Answer: Fun and positive, and filled with so much love!

How is CMA different from other similar abacus schools in Singapore?

Answer: We have the best in term of methodology (two-hand, four-finger abacus), approach (multimedia-based learning), and materials (developed by the world's best trainer, Master Tai Chiang Ching himself).

In just four years, CMA Singapore has grown from a single centre to 13 branches under its wings. To what do you credit your achievements?

Answer: A world class programme. Most importantly, we commit to deliver the best with passion and love. This programme is student focused, ability based, is powerful, and effective.

Are there more centres slated to open in 2009 and 2010?

Answer: Yes, four centres.