CMA is an award-winning educational institution

CMA is an award-winning educational institution registered with the Ministry of Education and is accredited and appraised by the Taiwan ROC for the Association of Children’s Abacus Calculation.

  • Our mental arithmetic programme has been tried and tested for more than 30 years.
  • We have acquired an impressive track record over the years.
  • We have produced star students who have performed exceptionally well academically.
  • We are the pioneer of the ‘two-hand, four-fingers’ abacus technique.
  • Our syllabi effectively promote the use of both the left and right brain.
  • Our curricula incorporate the use of multimedia-based and online learning to enhance learning.
  • We create a lively and enjoyable learning environment for our students.
  • Our ability-based programme allows students to learn according to individual pace.
  • Students will sit for an international CMA examination to assess his progress.
  • We have accessibility at your convenience through 23 centres islandwide.