Over the years, CMA Singapore has enjoyed wide visibility in local press. We regularly made news in the papers and magazines, and have been invited to appear on television and radio programmes. Please take some time to view our press coverage to know more about us.

Date: June 2009
Headline: MediaCorp TV (Channel 8, “综艺Go Live!”)
Synopsis: Watch as CMA students Goh Qi Xun, Jaren Tan Ka Wei, and Cheok Bing En, aged between 7 and 10 years old, perform complex mathematical calculations under sheer speed and accuracy in this ‘Live’ variety programme hosted by Guo Liang, Pornsak, and Li Teng.

Date: June 2009
Headline: MediaCorp TV (Channel 8, “早安,您好 / Good Morning Singapore”)
Synopsis: Mandarin current affairs programme, Good Morning Singapore, invites CMA students, 6-year-old Justin Jen, 10-year-old Jaren Tan Ka Wei, and 7-year-old Cheok Bing En to give a demonstration on CMA’s acclaimed Two-hands, Four-fingers Abacus Mental Arithmetic methodology.

Date: June 2009
Headline: MediaCorp TV (Channel 8, “特写 – 小超人4 / TR Report: Superkids 4”)
Synopsis: Superkids is a Channel 8 documentary series which features gifted young children who display extraordinary talents well beyond their tender age. Young children aged between 4 and 11 years old who have special unique talents to share with the rest of Singapore are discovered in this programme.