“My aspiration is to train more teachers and hopefully in return, these trained teachers will train more students. My personal goal and wish is to introduce and promote mental arithmetic both-hand abacus system worldwide. But I am not able to do this alone. I have to train many teachers in order to teach more students. Essentially, we have to use many channels, help from others, and strategic planning in order to achieve our goal. Here, I noticed that in order to get more students, we need to train more teachers. To achieve this goal, our teaching quality, teaching materials, and teaching methods must be unique and different from others. This means that our teaching method must be comprehensive to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.”

1. Teaching Modules

– Skills on two-hand abacus system
– Sharing CMA philosophy
– Practical training
– Understanding teaching materials

CMA provides one of the most comprehensive Abacus Mental Arithmetic Teacher’s Training Programme worldwide.

CMA has developed a structured curriculum to provide intensive training for teachers. Teachers will be equipped with knowledge and lesson plans to teach and to run the full course efficiently. The training is designed to train any individuals who is interested in investing in the education business or being trained as educators.

You will have the advantage of training with an internationally acclaimed system, which is far more superior than those prevalent in the market today.

2. Who Can Join CMA’S Certified Trainer Course

– Anyone who is interested to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic
– Anyone who has the time to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic

3. Effects After Training

– To have confidence in teaching Abacus Mental Arithmetic
– To have the capability to teach Abacus Mental Arithmetic