Mdm Bhuvana

“My son Jagan loves numbers and CMA gave me the opportunity to further enhance it by enrolling him to learn the two-hand abacus system when he was in K1 (Year 2010). It has improved his numerical memory, cognitive reasoning and lateral thinking. Learning mental Arithmetic has boosted his confience and focus.

Almost two years continuously, Jagan has been the 1st prize winner for the Monthly Online Practice which conducted internally by the centre.

CMA has given him a good on-stage competition experience. He has participated in CMA Mental Arithmetic National Olympiad since 2011. Jagan has won the 1st prize trophy in 2011 (Grade 12 in Abacus category) and 1st prize trophy in 2014 (Grade 5 in Abacus Arithmetic & Grade 4 in Mental Arithmetic). He also won a Gold Medal and Top 10 scorer in National Online-Practice Competition.

Jagan has achieved Mental Arithmetic Dan-Level 3 in July 2013 and he is looking forward to complete the Abacus grades.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Teacher Ong for her support. She has taught him all the techniques, methods and also trained him to perform quick and accurate mental arithmetic calculations. We sincerely appreciate and thankful for all her hard work and effort.

Thank you CMA! .”

Mdm Bhuvana, mother of Jagan Chandra Mohan (9 years old)