Mdm Irene Koh

“It has been a wonderful thing to have my daughter, Charis, enrolled in CMA’s abacus course.

Ever since Charis signed up for the abacus course, she has enjoyed every session of the lesson. Yet, being an active child, she is able to sit and focus on doing her abacus homework. This course has enabled her to concentrate well in doing her other subjects. I recalled a few times when she was very late for her lessons, she insisted enthusiastically on going for the lesson even if it’s for half an hour instead of the usual one-and-a-half hour. She would excitedly tell me, ‘Mummy, it’s better to be late than never!’

Charis likes doing mental calculations. On many occasions when we were taking cabs, she would automatically count the charges incurred and help me pay the cab drivers the amount and collect the change given by the drivers. She would also assist me in calculating the amount of groceries that I purchased at the supermarkets, restaurants, and other stuff. Her ability to calculate figures at a short span of time really amazes me!

Through attending the course, her level of zeal has been charged up. This is due mainly to the fact that she has very dedicated teachers… Mr Tay and Teacher Chen. They have been such wonderful teachers to her. Their passion and desire to impart their time wholeheartedly in ensuring that the students’ potential are fully realised. CMA has a team of committed teachers.

• Comitted to the higher call of teaching
• Mindful of the needs of different students
• A spire to bring out the potential of all CMA students
• In short, CMA… HEY HEY NI ZHEN BANG! (in hanyu pinyin)

With deep appreciation
Mdm Irene Koh, mother of Charis Chen