Mdm Lim Seow Hwee

“Dylan joined CMA in August 2012. I am glad that I did not hesitate any further then and enrolled him in the programme. With CMA’s systematic training programme and learning materials, he is able to do mental calculations fast and accurately. It also builds up his confidence in arithmetic and he has developed a keen interest in Mathematics, He enjoys his lessons and looks forward to attending his weekly classes. His enthusiasm rubs off on his younger brother who has joined CMA recently.

We would like to thank the teachers, especially Teacher Jenny, who have guided Dylan patiently and encouraged him whenever he met with difficulties in his work, allowing him to progress to the next level. They have also helped him lay a strong foundation which helped him greatly in his school work. He has also learnt to be more disciplined and focused when that he achieved third prize in both Abacus and Mental Arithmetic. Thank you CMA for giving Dylan an enriching learning experience.”

Mdm Lim Seow Hwee, Mother of Dylan Lye Junkai (8 years old)