Mr and Mrs. Chek

“Both Ze Chan & Yu Hann started their CMA lessons around 4+ years old. They have enjoyed and benefited from their lessons tremendously from the time they started till to date. Ze Chan is now in Primary 2. He has attended CMA lessons for more than 3 years. His favourite subject in school is Math and he has doone well in it thus far.. We think that thhs is largely due to his strong interest in the subject which has been cultivated from attending CMA classes. He always looks forward to his CMA lessons. CMA has taught him to be very focused on his work and as a result, he is usually able to complete his CMA homework and school work as well as other tasks in a short time. Ze Chan has developed good mental skills during his time with CMA. This has enabled him to work fast while yet generally able to achieve accuracy in whatever he does at the same time. He loves to engage in challenges and is constantly seeking out difficult math questions to solve.

Yu Hann turns 5 this year. She has attended CMA lessons for about a year. Like her brother, she enjoys her CMA classes and doing her CMA homework. We have seen huge improvements in her calculation abilities ever since she started CMA. From single-digit finger counting, within months, she has progressed to being able to add or subtract mentally sums involving two-digit numbers. While she still has some way to go, we noticed that she has gained confidence in tackling addition and subtraction problems. Further, her concentration has improved since she joined CMA. We think this has helped to enhance her literacy skills where she is able to learn new words easier and faster than before.

We strongly believe that Ze Chan and Yu Hann will continue to thrive under CMA, and will recommend CMA to our friends and relatives. We would also like to express our heartfelt thanks to their CMA teachers: Teacher Agnes, Teacher Yang and Teacher Apple, for their dedication and patience in coaching our children. Thank you very much, you truly are the best!”

Mr and Mrs. Chek, Parent of Chek Ze Chan (10 years old) & Chek Yu Hann (7 years old)