Mr and Mrs Chin

“My child, Vivienne first started CMA lessons when she was 4 years old. Before that, Vivienne had attended abacus class in another education centre for a year but her learning progress was very slow. Then we decided to send her to CMA. Surprisingly, Vivienne learns a lot of things within two months in CMA. She learns the abacus formula when she is just the third month with CMA, followed by multiplication. Just within a few months, she can do 1 digit 10 numbers.

We can see her improvement in CMA. I believe that all efforts go to CMA and her teachers. After class, Teacher Soh will spend time to discuss Vivienne’s learning progress with me. The reward card system given by CMA has enhanced the interest of students to learn abacus. Vivienne is one of them. The holiday programme and excursion organized by CMA also allow Vivienne to learn and play in educational activities. She likes to attend abacus class because the lesson is interesting and fun.

We also noticed that Vivienne has a great improvement in her piano class after joining CMA. When I asked Vivienne, “How do you like CMA?” and she replied “Fun and Happy, I love CMA”.

Thank you for creating a good learning environment for young children. The CMA staff and teachers are friendly and kind. Thank you again for your hard work. We truly appreciate it. ”

Mr and Mrs Chin, parents of Vivienne (5 years old)