Mr and Mrs Lim

“CMA has helped my children to improve their memory strength and their calculation on mathematics sum. My eldest son, Zhao Jie has improved a lot since he joined CMA in 6 March 2010. He is able to calculate numbers in school without using calculators but by using the skills CMA taught him. Zhao Jie has reached grade 1 in 2 years while my daughter has reached grade 3 in 2 years too.

My youngest son has enrolled in 4 April 2011 after seeing the improvement my elder son and daughter had made and I wanted him to experience it too. I am glad to see his great improvement by the help of CMA teachers at Yishun Chong Pang Centre.

The three of them like to attend CMA lesson. It is fun.”

Mr and Mrs Lim, parents of Lim Zhao Jie (13 years old), Lim Zhi Wei (10 years old) & Lim Zhi Jun (7 years old)