Mr and Mrs Ng

“Being a new parent to Xu Xian, my first child, I have no idea nor any expectation of him but i wanted him to have some pre-primary education. Two years ago, I stumbled on a CMA advertisement that caught my attention, and decided to give it a try.

In the beginning, I was skeptical. There were difficulties in learning all the formulas, however my wife and I decided that we should persevere and observe our son’s progress further. To our delight, he began to like ‘numbers’ and enjoyed doing his homework diligently. After 2 years in CMA, his learning ability grew tremendously as he could quickly pick up any learning in a short period of time compared to his peers.

Later, I also enrolled my second daughter when she was at an even younger age. We saw unexpected aptitude from her after she started attending CMA. I truly agree that CMA indeed helps in brain development.

CMA, U have got the “POWER”. Thank You CMA! .”

Mr and Mrs Ng, parents of Ng Xu Xian (9 years old) & Ng Sher Nee (6 years old)