Mr Bryan and Mdm Evelyn

“My daughter, Joann Teh has been with CMA since March 2011. We got worried as she had problem even in doing simple addition and subtraction. At that time, she already in K2 and will be going to Primary 11 the following year. We chance upon CMA and decided to put her for a trial at CMA.

Surprisingly, she enjoyed the trial and we enrolled her there and then. She fully enjoyed her classes at CMA till today. It had actually exceeded the initial goal that we had. We only wanted her to be able to do “+” and “-”. But today, she achieved far more than that!!!! She could do all the 4 operations with ease and ever ready to be our walking calculator!!!

We are glad that we have found and decided to give it a try with CMA. Their teachers are all very friendly and helpful. They seem to know all the names of their students. They have made the class lively and enjoyable as I see all the kids coming out from the classes happy and smiling. We would like to take this opportunity to say a very Big Thank you to Teacher Ong and all other teachers who have taught or helped Joann during her time at CMA. As the saying “We need two hands to clap” With Joann’s passion in mental and abacus calculation, and also with the help of your dedicated and patient teachers, she had attained the Dan Level in Mental Arithmetic. We will and have been recommending our friends whose kids have difficulty in calculation to CMA.

Once again, we would like to say THANK YOU, CMA!!!!”

Mr Bryan and Mdm Evelyn, parents of Joann Teh (8 years old)