Mr Deepak Kumar and Mdm Anita Kumar

“My son Rohan Singh enrolled for Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Program offered by CMA in Aug 2010. In May 2014, he completed Mental Arithmetic Dan Level and Abacus Grade 4. He received Dan badge, 8 Trophies, 2 medals in M.A and Abacus. He succeeded to receive 2nd/3rd prizes and top 10 ranking in online practice three years in row.

The program enormously enhanced his number memorization power and metal calculation skills. He is capable to perform swift Mental / Abacus addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations up to 5 digits. We now seldom use calculator to do most of the calculations at home while Rohan is around, as he now acts as our calculator!!!

During the course he got many opportunities to sit for various competitions at center and at the national level. These events further prepared him to compete with a large pool of talents at national level in early stage of his academic career. CMA enabled my son for higher levels in advance and boosted his self-confidence by taking part in major events such as Olympiad.

I heartily appreciate Teacher Ong’s productive efforts with Rohan during these many years. Rohan achieved the Dan level only due to her continuous support, guidance to him and timely feedbacks to us. While being friendly and approachable Teacher Ong patiently helped him in clearing his doubts and sometimes ours as well. We would like to thanks Teacher Ong in providing her continuous guidance to Rohan during his full course.

In CMA, teachers encourage and inspire students by applying various methods like giving prizes, parties, gift vouchers and inspirational comments. These techniques are very much helpful in improving their performance in class assignments and homework. By seeing my son progress in CMa some of my friends also enrolled their children in CMA.”

Mr Deepak Kumar and Mdm Anita Kumar, parents of Rohan Singh (9 years old)