Mrs Agnes Ting

“I was first introduced to CMA Mental Arithmetic by a close friend in year 2006. I was told of how good the teaching methods and teachers were, however I was skeptical of how effective the methods really were. Seeing no particular advantage, and there being no need at that time, I did not enroll my children for classes.

Things took a turn when my eldest daughter entered Primary 1. She struggled with her mathematics for the first few months because she was poor at mental sums. I knew I had to do something to improve her mathematics or things would only get worse. Recalling what I was told About Us, I decided to enroll not only her, but also my 5-year-old daughter for classes.

My daughters enjoyed their lessons and they looked forward to attending classes. I could see smiles on their faces and faces of the other children. In barely three months, my older daughter, Allison, escalated in her progress of mental calculation. She could calculate with such speed and accuracy that I’ve never thought she could achieve. Her results in school improved tremendously. She no longer finds Mathematic a chore, but enjoys the subject and calculates with ease and confidence. I was also very impressed at how my younger daughter, Alyssa, could perform mental calculations at such a young age. My daughters have never been so enthusiastic and zealous in their quest for learning and mathematics.

Teaching methods are only part of the reason that CMA has worked well for my children. The teachers played a big role in nurturing them as well. I first met Mr Tay in March 2007 during our introductory session, and was amazed at his zeal and passion in teaching and nurturing the children. Chen Lao Shi and other teachers also made an impression on me with their commitment and love for the children. I strongly believe that it is this loving, caring and passionate team of teachers who have been critical to the success of CMA.

Seeing the levels of competence which my 2 elder children have attained with the help of CMA, I look forward to enrolling my 2 younger boys in the coming years.

Thank you CMA!”

Yours truly,
Mrs Agnes Ting