Mrs Chong

“ I have been studying in CMA for 6 years. I enjoy the lessons very much at CMA. CMA helps me in my Mathematics. It trains me to calculate mentally and accurately. That’s why I will have some extra time during an exam to check my work thoroughly. So most of the time, I will get marks that are 90 and above. I think the teachers in CMA are very caring and patient. They will teach me how to do the questions patiently and correctly. When we have finished our class work early, the teachers will give some IQ questions and jokes to entertain us and let us think of an answer for the questions. This will allow our brain to think and if we get the correct answer, the teacher will give us one extra stamp. Once the card is full with stamps, we can redeem a gift. I really appreciate CMA for teaching me so many things and I would like to thank the teachers who had taught me for the past few years.“

Wong Chin Yee (11 years old), student of CMA)